Investment Philosophy and Methodology

Experienced. Ethical. Client Focused.

focusFree From Bias

We have access to a broad range of external research, but maintain a healthy skepticism of consensus opinion and conventional wisdom. We use our own proprietary research methods, and are free from any bias or conflict of interest.

Capitalizing on Market Inefficiencies

We question the idea that the market is completely efficient, and believe that it is possible to capitalize on market inefficiencies to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns. We use a modified value approach for equities, with an initial focus on free cash flow yield and growth, using quantitative screens. On the fixed income side, we actively manage the term structure and quality of bonds to add value.

Deeper Insights

Independent fundamental research is conducted to quantify the company’s financial strength, value, growth prospects, and relative competitive position. Meeting with management provides a deeper understanding of the business opportunities and challenges, and management’s vision and capabilities.


Our belief is that the foundation of sound investment management lies in astute and timely security selection, disciplined implementation of an appropriate asset mix, and diligent monitoring of capital market conditions.

Sell Strategy

No disciplined investment process is complete without a sell strategy. Established positions in the portfolio are monitored constantly to ensure they continue to meet our criteria. While the manager considers the tax consequences of decisions in taxable accounts, tax considerations never take precedence over the principles of prudent portfolio management, which is the fundamental basis for investment decisions.

Manage Risk and Volatility

Risk and volatility are reduced by the careful selection of securities, continuous monitoring of the portfolio, and an understanding of where we are in the business cycle. To further minimize risk, portfolios are diversified across asset classes, geographic regions, industry sectors, and issuers, according to the risk and return expectations of the manager.